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Other Industrial Application

Tibet Mag’s MagChem® product line offers a variety of chemistries and physical properties to meet a multitude of industrial applications worldwide. The high purity and consistency of the MagChem products offer superior performance in a broad range of applications such as:

Leather Tanning Industrial Application

For leather tanning applications, MagChem provides a consistent and controlled rate of pH increase allowing the chrome to uniformly penetrate leather hides to react completely with the collagen and thus prevent staining. A single addition of MagChem at the beginning of the chrome basifying step requires less labor compared to sodium- or calcium-based alkalis. In addition, neutralized chrome contains water soluble magnesium sulfate, which is not detrimental to leather.

MagChem for Leather Tanning
MagChem for Leather Tanning

Drilling Fluids and Cements Industrial Application

MagChem 10 or MagChem P98 Pulverized can be added to Portland cement to make a tighter seal for down well drilling holes. After Portland cement is set, MagChem magnesium oxide hydrates and expands providing a tight bond between the ground and pipe insert. MagChem light burned magnesium oxide products can be used as a viscosity modifier in drilling muds.

MagChem for Drilling Fluids and Cements Industrial Application
MagChem for Drilling Fluids and Cements

Magnesium Oxide for FRP; GRP; SMC Industrial Application

FRP is also called composite material, and its chemical thickening is a key step in the production process of sheet molding compound. If the thickening is too fast, the glass fiber will be difficult to penetrate, the fluidity of the material will be poor, and it will be easy to lack material or abrasive wear during molding; if the thickening is too slow, the resin will be easily lost during molding, resulting in unstable mechanical properties. Therefore, it is very important to develop a special thickener for FRP.

At present, thickeners are mainly magnesium oxide or magnesium hydroxide and isocyanate, but isocyanate is a highly toxic substance, which is not suitable for promoting green environmental protection today; calcium oxide is sensitive to air humidity and is generally not used; magnesium oxide is Currently the most widely used chemical thickener, it has many advantages such as fast thickening speed and wide source of raw materials.

glass fiber reinforced plastics FRP; GRP; SMC
glass fiber reinforced plastics FRP; GRP; SMC

The role of magnesium oxide in composite materials is very important, and it can act as a thickener and increase the brightness of FRP. Therefore, compared with the same type of FRP, the FRP usually produced with magnesium oxide will be more popular in the market. However, not all types of magnesium oxide can be added to FRP. Generally, we recommend the use of reactive magnesium oxide as a thickener and increase the brightness, with a content of ≥90%, good whiteness, good dispersion. Such magnesium oxide is more useful.

High reactive magnesium oxide
Magnesium Oxide for FRP; GRP; SMC

Other industrial applications for MagChem products include:

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