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Silicon Steel

Magnesium Oxide Application for Silicon Steel

Tibet Mag’s magnesium oxide are high purity, micronized electrical steel grades of magnesium oxide that are used in the manufacture of silicon grain-oriented steel for high efficiency distribution transformer cores, specialty ceramics, and coatings.

In the annealing process, MgO react with the silicon steel to form a glass-like film during the high temperature anneal, which then acts as an electrical insulator between core laminations in an electrical transformer.

Silicon Steel grades of magnesium oxide
Silicon Steel grades of magnesium oxide

Silicon steel sheet is a kind of soft magnetic material widely used in the electrical field. It is a large sheet or strip of standard size that is usually rolled from silicon steel for electrical engineering. It is called electric porcelain steel sheet abroad. It is widely used in motors, generators, transformers, electromagnetic Mechanisms, relay electronics and measuring instruments.

There are two types of silicon steel sheets, cold-rolled and hot-rolled, and cold-rolled silicon steel sheets are used more. Cold-rolled silicon steel sheet has excellent magnetic properties along the rolling direction, not only has high saturation magnetic flux density and low iron loss in strong magnetic field, but also has good magnetic properties (large initial magnetic permeability) in weak magnetic field.

Cold-rolled silicon steel is divided into cold-rolled non-oriented silicon steel and cold-rolled oriented silicon steel strip.

Magnesium Oxide Plays an Important Role in Silicon steel

Magnesium oxide is generally used in oriented steel coatings, and silicon steel sheets are used in motor cores and transformer cores. In order to meet the requirements of the electrical and physical properties of the iron core, the silicon steel sheet has a high-temperature annealing process at 1200-1250 °C during the production process of the oriented silicon steel sheet. It takes 7 days to form an excellent insulating film on the surface of the silicon steel sheet. Under such a high temperature for such a long time, in order to prevent the silicon steel sheet from becoming an iron lump, a high temperature coating is usually used between the silicon steel sheets. Annealing barriers are used to sinter sintered silicon steel sheets, usually this coating is added to magnesium oxide.

Silicon steel coatings use light 98 or heavy 98 magnesia or analytically pure light magnesia as an additive, and the proportion of magnesia added to the coating is 25%. Around 0.01%. It is mainly used as a high-temperature annealing barrier agent in the production process of silicon steel, an insulating coating forming agent, a dephosphorization agent, and a desulfurization agent in steel.

The TIBETSMAG-MAGCHEM magnesium oxide developed by the Messi Biology magnesium oxide manufacturer has been successfully applied to high-grade low-temperature grain-oriented silicon steel with a thickness of 0.23 mm, and its comprehensive index is better than that of the highest-grade foreign products. This silicon steel-grade magnesium oxide can improve the insulation performance of silicon steel sheets and can be used As a high-temperature annealing separator, it can also be used to make ceramic materials and electronic materials, and it can be used as a dephosphorizing agent, desulfurizing agent, and insulating coating forming agent in the production of silicon steel.

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