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2023 China magnesium oxide consumption structure and market analysis

At present, global magnesium oxide is mainly used in medicine, food, plastic, paint, coating, rubber, cable, feed, ceramics and other fields. Hebei Messi Biology Co., Ltd. points out that in 2023, China\’s magnesium oxide consumption structure and demand market mainly have the following points.

(1)Plastic field

Magnesium oxide is widely used in filling polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polyethylene (PEA, polypropylene (PP) and other resins, in plastic processing can reduce the shrinkage of resin, control the degree of exclusion, but also to improve the stability of the size of plastic products, improve the processing properties of plastic, improve the heat resistance of plastic products, reduce the cost of plastic products.

(2)Paper making field

Magnesium oxide as filler for papermaking, with high opacity and gloss, and uniform particle size, strong color retention, can replace the previous talc and kaolin, greatly reducing the cost of paper production.

(3)Coating field

Magnesium oxide in paint can significantly reduce the cost of paint, is the main body color, can enhance the deposition and penetration of the primer on the surface of the base, improve the water resistance and mechanical strength of the paint, improve the chemical resistance of the paint, gloss, brightness, color and other properties.

(4) Rubber field

Magnesium oxide as the rubber industry in the use of the earliest, one of the largest amount of filler, is filled in a large number of rubber products, not only can increase the volume of the product, but also can save expensive natural rubber or synthetic rubber, to achieve the purpose of reducing costs.

Compared with the developed countries, the current application of magnesium oxide in China is mainly primary products, and the real value of magnesium oxide application is its deep processing products. The current international production and application of high-end ultra-fine magnesium oxide is mainly concentrated in the United States, Western Europe and Japan, etc., while China\’s magnesium oxide ordinary products surplus, high value-added products less, can not meet the needs of the world market and China\’s high-end market, resulting in a large number of high-priced imports of ultra-fine magnesium oxide products. Hebei Messi Biology Co., Ltd. said that the ultra-fine and high-purity magnesium oxide will be the biggest demand of magnesium oxide industry in the future.

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