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Activated magnesium oxide cobalt extraction process

Hebei Messi Biology Co., Ltd. stated that cobalt ores rarely exist alone in nature. They are mainly associated with nickel ores, copper ores, pyrite and arsenic deposits, and the content is relatively low, so it is relatively difficult to extract. Cobalt ore resources mainly include nickel-cobalt sulfide ores and oxide ores, copper-cobalt ores, arsenic-cobalt ores, and cobalt-containing pyrite. The characteristics of cobalt smelting are low raw material grade, long extraction process, and multiple extraction methods.

Application fields of highly dispersed nano magnesium hydroxide

The magnesium oxide cobalt extraction process is a more practical one now, but not all magnesium oxides can be used for the extraction of cobalt metal. Only activated magnesium oxide has the highest extraction rate. Activated magnesium oxide has a large specific surface area. This type of magnesium oxide has extremely high chemical activity and physical adsorption properties because of its fine particles and a large ratio of surface atoms to bulk atoms.

The activity of magnesium oxide refers to the ability of magnesium oxide to participate in physical or chemical changes, which is caused by the unsaturation of the valence bonds on the surface of its crystallites. The distortion of the lattice and the defects of the lattice aggravate the unsaturation of this bond. At present, the main methods for producing active magnesium oxide in my country are brine method and ore method. The existing process flow is complicated, and the purity and activity of the magnesium oxide produced are low.

Hebei Messi Biology Co., Ltd. adopts the brine-ammonium carbonate method to prepare active magnesium oxide. First, the ammonium carbonate solution is added to the brine, and then heated and precipitated to form basic magnesium carbonate precipitation. The precipitation is filtered, washed, dried, destroyed, calcined and differentiated to obtain active magnesium oxide. The product can be perfectly used in the refining of metal cobalt.

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