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Advantages of modified magnesium hydroxide

As one of the basic powder fillers, magnesium hydroxide is almost synonymous with cheap, which includes the cost of electricity, workers\’ wages and equipment depreciation. Where is the profit margin? Of course, this is just an example of the selling price of a primary product, which is not necessarily accurate. In fact, even the superfine magnesium hydroxide, because of the fierce competition in the market, it is very difficult to bring high profits to the enterprise.

However, there is a kind of magnesium hydroxide, after proper grinding, granular finishing and high quality modification applied in high-end fields is completely different, the market price is as high as tens of thousands of yuan / ton, and only individual multinational enterprises in the world can produce, properly monopolized this high-end market. And with the catalyst, electronic ceramics, cover glass and other widely used, with special features of the application of modified magnesium hydroxide is also rapidly increasing, downstream enterprises to buy this magnesium hydroxide powder, can only look at the face of foreign investors.


But now the good news is here, it is understood that the process technology barriers have been domestic enterprises such as Hebei Messi Biology Co., Ltd. Messi Biology from the beginning of the plant has been insisting on the use of the world\’s leading production equipment, adhere to the science and technology-oriented, take the route of high-quality high-end products, in the \”magnesium market\” to break out of a unique road of science and technology enterprises. Focus on science and technology, of course, will pay attention to the cultivation of talent, and constantly break the monopoly of foreign capital for pharmaceutical and food magnesium hydroxide, nano-modified magnesium hydroxide technology products, to promote the development of domestic magnesium salt industry has made outstanding contributions.

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