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Application of magnesium hydroxide in copper laminate

Copper laminate is a sheet material made of reinforcing material impregnated with different performance resins, dried with different fillers and covered with copper foil on one or both sides, and hot pressed. The filler on the laminate substrate is generally inorganic filler – magnesium hydroxide.

Due to the good thermal stability of magnesium hydroxide, it does not produce corrosive gas, does not volatilize, the effect is long-lasting, no toxicity, and low price. At the same time, compared with aluminum hydroxide, it has high thermal decomposition temperature, and has obvious advantages in flame retardant mechanism, decomposition ability, heat capacity, carbonization effect, smoke suppression ability, hardness, production cost, etc.

And magnesium hydroxide can meet the high heat resistance requirement of the products in the application of copper clad board, give the products excellent electrical insulation performance, and make it more compatible with resin, which has obvious effect on improving the surface and mechanical properties of copper clad board. The high efficiency of hydroxide flame retardant, strong smoke suppression ability, low hardness, low friction to equipment, helps to extend the life of equipment.


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