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Application of Magnesium Oxide in Optical Glass

Magnesium oxide can be used as raw material for optical glass and glass-ceramics. Optical components magnesium oxide single wafer is also made of high-purity magnesium oxide. Magnesium oxide for optical glass has the characteristics of high purity, high specific gravity, and less calcium and iron impurities. It can be well integrated with glass components. The high content of magnesium oxide and less impurities is conducive to improving the quality of glass and protecting precision equipment from being damaged. Corrosion damage.

Magnesium oxide is a material for glass coating. The main auxiliary additive is to use magnesium oxide when making glass. Generally, there are great requirements for fineness and purity, and it needs to reach a high-purity level before it can be used.

Application of Magnesium Oxide in Optical Glass

The main application of magnesium oxide in glass:

One: The coating used on the surface of the lens:

It has strong anti-reflection, and the permeability to light will increase. The wearer feels that the glare is reduced, and the vision is more real and bright. It will not reflect light, and it is not suitable for abrasion and easy to clean. And it can effectively prevent ultraviolet rays or computer radiation (because the lens has two kinds of films, one is an anti-ultraviolet film, and the other is an anti-computer radiation film). How to confirm whether there is a coating, aim at the light source, if you see purple or green reflections, it means that it is coated with an anti-reflection protective film.

Two: the coating used on the glass surface

Keep the surface of the object in a brand new state for a long time. So that the surface of the object will not be easily polluted or affected by external substances. When cleaning the surface of the object, some dirt on the surface of the object can be easily removed.
Three: Coatings used on the surface of automobiles

Automobile coating has the function of preventing the oxidation and aging of the paint surface. It can greatly improve the clarity of the varnish on the surface of the car paint, making the car paint look more dazzling. Corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, anti-scratch, easy to clean, ultra-durable and strong toughness and extensibility, ultra-environmental protection uses water-friendly environmental protection materials, does not oxidize itself, and has super water repellency.

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