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Application of magnesium oxide in silicon PU for plastic runway

Everyone knows about the plastic runway, but very little about the silicon PU material. In fact, the Silicon Pu is a kind of production material for the plastic runway, and to ensure the quality of the silicon PU for the plastic runway, magnesium oxide is indispensable.

The company said that adding magnesium oxide to the silicon PU used in the plastic track can help prevent aging, absorb carbon dioxide, prevent blistering and prevent precipitation, it can prolong the storage period, shorten the construction period and increase the tensile strength.

The magnesium oxide product independently developed by Hebei Messi Biology  Co. , Ltd. is produced by Tibet magnesite. The raw material is clean and pollution-free, the magnesium oxide content is high, the PH value is high, the calcium and iron impurity is low, and the acid absorption performance is good, in order to increase the tensile strength of silicon PU, sufficient reaction can be ensured in the silicon PU so as not to produce impurity precipitation. General plastic track silicon PU manufacturers more concentrated in South China, East China, so we must pay attention to magnesium oxide in the storage and transport of moisture-proof dry, as far as possible open bags used up, to avoid unnecessary losses.

Finally, Hebei Messi Biology Co. , Ltd. friendly tips, plastic track can absorb the impact, reduce the impact on the body, so when running your knee, ankle, bone are not easily injured! If it is cement, the impact force will be directly on our bodies, causing physical damage! So qualified friends must go to the plastic track running, plastic track has another advantage, that is very smooth, not easy to twist the ankle and knee, can avoid injury.

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