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Application of magnesium oxide in water treatment

Magnesium oxide is an inorganic compound with the chemical formula MgO. It is a white solid that is hygroscopic and strongly alkaline. Magnesium oxide has a wide range of applications in water treatment, mainly including the following aspects:

Remove ammonia nitrogen

Magnesium oxide is one of the most commonly used water treatment agents for removing ammonia nitrogen. Under alkaline conditions, magnesium oxide reacts chemically with ammonia nitrogen to form insoluble magnesium hydroxide precipitate, thereby achieving the purpose of removing ammonia nitrogen.

Remove heavy metals

Magnesium oxide is an effective heavy metal adsorbent and can be used to remove heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, and mercury from water. Magnesium oxide chemically adsorbs heavy metal ions to form insoluble complexes, thereby achieving the purpose of removing heavy metals.

softened water

Magnesium oxide is a water softening agent that can be used to remove calcium, magnesium and other hardness ions in water. Magnesium oxide reacts chemically with hardness ions to form insoluble precipitates, thereby achieving the purpose of softening water.

Regulate water quality

Magnesium oxide can be used to adjust the pH value, hardness, alkalinity and other indicators of water. Magnesium oxide has the ability to absorb acidic substances and alkaline substances, thereby achieving the purpose of regulating water quality.

In addition, magnesium oxide can also be used to treat other types of water pollution, such as COD, BOD, SS, etc.

The application of magnesium oxide in water treatment has the following advantages:

① Good treatment effect: Magnesium oxide has good adsorption, precipitation, chemical reaction and other properties, and can effectively remove various pollutants in water.

② Low cost: Magnesium oxide is a relatively cheap chemical raw material that can reduce water treatment costs.

③ Safety and environmental protection: Magnesium oxide is a non-toxic and harmless compound that will not cause secondary pollution to the environment.

wastewater treatment

Therefore, magnesium oxide has broad application prospects in the field of water treatment.

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