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Application of magnesium oxide nanoparticles in luminescent materials

1, luminous ceramic glaze, is made of nano magnesium oxide as an important component of low-temperature glaze and silicon oxide, alumina, calcium carbonate and other components with water to slurry coating on the surface of ceramic products, sintered at about 800 ℃. It has the following characteristics: long afterglow time, up to 10 hours, blue-green light and green light under the excitation of ultraviolet and visible light, and heat release luminescence in the temperature zone of 40℃.

2, high brightness anti-hydrolysis rare earth activated luminescent material, is made of nano magnesium oxide, alumina, boron oxide and rare earth oxides, etc. by high temperature solidification, the initial brightness reaches more than 10cd/m2, afterglow of more than 20 hours, luminescent color has light yellow, light blue and purple. The material can be widely used in paint, plastic, ceramics, enamel, decoration and other industries.

3, rare earth long afterglow luminous material, is made of nano magnesium oxide, alumina, silicon dioxide, mineralizer, rare earth activator, etc. According to the proportion of weighing, mixed sintering preparation of luminous material, with high brightness, ultra-long afterglow, good water resistance, non-radioactive, will not cause harm to the environment and other characteristics.

4, artificial luminescent gemstone, using commercially available luminescent micro powder, the introduction of nano-magnesium oxide as an enhancer, regular temperature isostatic pressing molding, high temperature sintering in the reducing atmosphere of the electric furnace. The luminescent gemstone, with hardness of 6.5-7 degrees and relative density of 3.3-3.8, has long afterglow phosphorescence characteristics. It solves the problem of low utilization rate of luminescent micropowder, and for the process of synthesizing luminescent gemstones, it also reduces the synthesis temperature and shortens the synthesis time, thus reducing the production cost.

5、Led display phosphor, especially for electroluminescent displays, is a new type of laminated product to improve the operational stability of thioluminose-based fluorescent materials for AC thick film dielectric electroluminescent displays. This novel structure includes a rare earth-activated alkaline earth thioaluminate phosphor film layer and a magnesium oxide nano layer or a layer containing magnesium oxide nano directly adjacent to and in contact with the bottom of the phosphor film layer.

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