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Application of spherical magnesium oxide

Magnesium oxide has good properties such as chemical inertness, heat resistance, insulation and thermal conductivity. For specific application backgrounds and applications, adjusting the morphology and surface properties of magnesium oxide will provide a new source for the application of special morphology magnesium oxide. A wider space. Spherical magnesium oxide is a good example, it is widely used in refractories, ceramics, rubber, plastics, coatings, electronics and other fields in industry. With its excellent performance and wide application, spherical magnesium oxide has brought great value and convenience to our life and industrial production, and it is also a new star that has attracted much attention in the future development.

Application of spherical magnesium oxide

1. Refractory materials: Spherical magnesia has broad application prospects in the field of refractory materials. Due to its high temperature stability and corrosion resistance, spherical magnesium oxide is often used as an additive in products such as refractory bricks, refractory coatings and refractory cement. With the development of the construction industry and the increasing demand for high-quality refractory materials, the application prospects of spherical magnesium oxide will continue to expand.

2. Ceramic products: Spherical magnesium oxide can be used in the manufacture of precision ceramics, electronic ceramics, ceramic pipes, ceramic utensils and other products in ceramic products. With the increasing demand for decoration and building materials, as well as the pursuit of high-quality ceramic products, the development of spherical magnesium oxide is bound to be broad.

3. Rubber and plastic industry: Spherical magnesium oxide is widely used as filler in rubber and plastic industry. It increases the hardness, strength and wear resistance of materials. With the development of the automobile industry and other related industries, the demand for high-performance rubber and plastic products increases, and the consumption of spherical magnesium oxide will continue to grow.

4. Coating industry: Spherical magnesium oxide also has application prospects in the coating industry. It can provide good corrosion resistance and weather resistance, so that the paint has a longer service life. As people’s demand for architectural and industrial coatings increases, spherical magnesium oxide will receive more and more attention.

5. In the field of electronics, as an excellent electronic material, spherical magnesium oxide can be used to manufacture large-capacity integrated circuit boards, semiconductor devices and optical fibers. In addition, spherical magnesium oxide can also be used as a variety of high-performance materials such as electromagnetic wave absorbers.

At present, domestic manufacturers that can prepare spherical magnesia are still extremely lacking. The magnesium salt industry led by Messi Biology needs to develop rapidly, so that more people can understand the superiority of spherical magnesia, and further expand production capacity to replace foreign products.

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