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Can you eat magnesium hydroxide?

Magnesium hydroxide as a food additive

Magnesium hydroxide can be used as a food additive, but not for direct consumption. Because magnesium hydroxide is a kind of alkaline substance, the taste is bitter when consumed directly. Magnesium hydroxide can be added to food in moderate amount, such as making bread, steamed buns, etc., can enhance the taste of food and improve the taste of food. Magnesium hydroxide as a food additive(ingredients) in daily life are used in small doses, there is no danger of poisoning.

magnesium hydroxide used in pharma

Although magnesium hydroxide can be neutralized with stomach acid, will not have special harm to the body, but generally in the clinical use of drugs is not to produce a chemical reaction can be, magnesium is easy to cause diarrhea after taking more, and also do not use magnesium hydroxide as a drug to inhibit stomach acid.

Magnesium hydroxide is a common magnesium salt compound, with magnesium oxide and water reaction can be obtained magnesium hydroxide, it is a white amorphous class of powder material, difficult to dissolve in water, more easily dissolved in dilute acid and is ammonium salt solution, magnesium hydroxide is a class of substances with alkaline, can be used as analytical reagents, but also used in pharmaceutical engineering.

Magnesium hydroxide is used in environmental protection, because magnesium hydroxide can be used as a neutralizing agent, it presents alkaline, and because of its good adsorption, can be used to treat acid waste gas, and some wastewater treatment, containing heavy metals and organic wastewater treatment can be used magnesium hydroxide, this is one of its effectiveness.

Magnesium hydroxide is also a flame retardant, because the thermal decomposition temperature of magnesium hydroxide is high, the initial temperature is about 340 degrees Celsius to 490 degrees Celsius, this period can be completely decomposed, because the decomposition temperature of magnesium hydroxide is high, wide range, than other inorganic flame retardants are high, so there is a good flame retardant effect.

Other Applications

Magnesium hydroxide is also used in large quantities in the chemical industry, mainly concentrated in paints, coatings, and refractory bricks, magnetic materials, ceramics and do additives or fillers in use, because magnesium hydroxide can increase wear resistance, reduce the melting point, play a role in making the metal lattice more

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