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Dispersion mechanism of nano-magnesium hydroxide in rubber and the properties of its composites

This thesis uses the new type of nano hydroxide powder as the research object. Firstly, the main factors affecting the scattered nanowl powder in the rubber matrix are examined.The decentralized state in the matrix (butyra rubber, ternary ethylene rubber, butadylene rubber, silicon rubber).

The results show that the viscosity of polymer matrix and the surface energy matching between polymer matrix and nanopowder have an important influence on the final dispersion state of nanopowder, especially the surface energy matching degree.

A modified model is proposed to introduce the effect of surface energy matching on the dispersion of nanopowders by combining the state-of-the-art model of dispersion with the results of this paper, which can better explain the results of this paper.

The flame retardant properties, mechanical properties, extraction rate, meniscus viscosity and crosslinking density of the composites were investigated using sparse magnesium hydroxide nanopowders (LN-MH) filled with nitrile butadiene rubber (NBR) prepared by bubble liquid film method (GBLM). The results showed that with the increase of LN-MH dosage, LN-MH had a significant nano-enhancement effect on NBR and improved the flame retardant properties, mechanical properties, meniscus viscosity and crosslinking density of the composites, but had no effect on the extraction rate of the composites in toluene.


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