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Domestic high purity magnesium oxide market still needs to rely on imports

According to the research of Hebei Messi Biology Co., although the application of high-purity magnesium oxide and wide, but the application demand is small, the current domestic high-purity magnesium oxide market demand is about 52,000 tons. In terms of production, China\’s high-purity magnesium oxide production technology is not able to meet the application demand, product capacity is also more limited, China\’s annual output of high-purity magnesium oxide is less than 12,000 tons, the market supply and demand gap is large. The current domestic high-purity magnesium oxide market demand mainly relies on imports from Japan, Europe, the future of the field there is a high import substitution space.

High purity magnesium oxide refers to the magnesium oxide content in 98.5% products, this magnesium oxide has better alkali resistance and electrical insulation at high temperature, and better light transmittance, high thermal conductivity, thermal expansion coefficient. As fine chemicals and high temperature refractory materials, high purity magnesium oxide is widely used in electronic ceramics, underground cables, medicine, food, optical glass, artificial fiber, insulating materials and other fields. There are many kinds of high purity magnesium oxide, according to different application fields, the main ones with high application demand at present are electrofused magnesium oxide, silicon steel magnesium oxide, electromagnetic magnesium oxide, pharmaceutical magnesium oxide, food magnesium oxide several, in the future, with the economic transformation, pharmaceutical food grade magnesium oxide, high purity nano grade magnesium oxide market demand will also grow.


China\’s high-purity magnesium oxide is simple process, high cost soda ash method and low resource utilization rate, for the environment to produce a huge threat of ammonia method, and the production enterprises are generally small scale, low production capacity, only a few enterprises such as Hebei Messi Biology Co. Ltd. said, high-purity magnesium oxide due to excellent performance, a wide range of applications, market demand in recent years continued to climb, the industry has been rapid development. In the production, China\’s high-purity magnesium oxide production is less, and product quality and poor compared to imported products, does not have market competitiveness, most of the domestic demand for high-purity magnesium oxide depends on imports, the future of the domestic high-purity magnesium oxide market import substitution space is large.

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