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Effect of magnesium oxide\\magnesium hydroxide quality on the performance of rubber-type chlorinated polyethylene

The quality of magnesium oxide has a great influence on the performance of rubber type chlorinated polyethylene. As the acid acceptor of the halogen-containing polymer series, it not only has influence on the vulcanization speed, but also has a great influence on the physical and mechanical properties of the vulcanized rubber.

A large number of tests have proved that the comprehensive quality of magnesium oxide has a significant relationship with the physical properties of CPE rubber such as vulcanization speed, vulcanization degree, and the tensile strength and elongation at break of the rubber, etc. Generally speaking, the light weight and moderate activity of magnesium oxide is used in most formulations. At the same time, the finer the particle size of magnesium oxide, the better the acid absorption rate, and the more beneficial to improve the tensile strength and promote vulcanization. If the surface of magnesium oxide is modified by using appropriate coupling agent, it can increase the dispersion of magnesium oxide and the compatibility with rubber, which is more suitable for adding in rubber making.

In this paper, the synergistic effect of flame retardant was investigated by using CPE of chlorinated polyethylene rubber as the main flame retardant and other inorganic flame retardants, phosphorus flame retardants, nitrogen flame retardants and other flame retardant systems.

The synergistic effect of antimony-halogen flame retardant can effectively reduce the amount of magnesium hydroxide in CPE flame retardant system; there is a certain synergistic flame retardant effect between magnesium hydroxide, ATH and zinc borate; nitrogen flame retardant in CPE magnesium hydroxide flame retardant system It helps the formation of inert gas protection layer and carbon layer.


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