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Effect of stirring time on morphology and composition of magnesium carbonate

Hebei Messi Biology Co., Ltd. stated that magnesium carbonate is a white and odorless powder, containing magnesium carbonate (MgC03), magnesium carbonate trihydrate (MgC03#3H20), magnesium carbonate pentahydrate (MgCO3#5H2O) and basic magnesium carbonate ( Mg5(C03)4(OH)2#4H20), etc., have been widely used in medicine, food, cosmetics, rubber, plastics, printing industry and other fields due to their special structural properties.

At present, there have been many research reports on the preparation methods of hydrated magnesium carbonate with different morphologies, including co-precipitation method, hydrothermal method, carbonization method, etc. The co-precipitation method is simple to operate and easy to achieve large-scale production, which has attracted widespread attention. Relevant researchers have synthesized polymeric and needle-like hydrated magnesium carbonate by adjusting the reaction temperature, stirring time and aging time during the co-precipitation process; at the same time, relevant researchers have also studied the co-precipitation process of magnesium chloride and sodium carbonate solutions. The morphology evolution rules of the obtained needle-like hydrated magnesium carbonate, but there are few reports on the influence of reaction parameters on the morphology and composition of hydrated magnesium carbonate.

Overview of magnesium carbonate whiskers

Through the co-precipitation method, some professionals have also studied the changes in the morphology and composition of hydrated magnesium carbonate produced by Mg(NO3)2#6H20 and K2CO3 with the stirring time of the initial reaction solution. The results showed that when the stirring time of the initial solution of the reaction was changed from 1 to 8 minutes, the diameter of the needle-like hydrated magnesium carbonate of the product could be controlled between 0.5 and 23Lm, and the length ranged from 2 to 200Lm; through the infrared spectrum and thermogravimetric analysis of the product composition Through analysis, it was found that when the stirring time changed from 1 to 20 minutes, the moisture content in the obtained product MgCO3#xH2O also changed greatly. It was also concluded that the preparation method used is simple to operate and easy to achieve large-scale production. Therefore, it may become a better method for preparing needle-shaped hydrated magnesium carbonate of different sizes.

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