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Messi biology occupy the high ground of food grade magnesium oxide industry

At first, Messi Biology magnesium oxide series products are mainly industrial grade magnesium oxide, basically there is not much technology content. Nowadays, magnesium salt industry has entered the era of high-quality development, the production of pharmaceutical and food-grade products has become the new era of competition between magnesium salt enterprises, \”black technology\”, Messi biology make great efforts to occupy the pharmaceutical and food-grade magnesium oxide industry high ground.

Messi biology adhere to the \”quality of the world synchronization, science and technology to lead innovation\” development strategy, in accordance with the principle of new products, high technology, large market and actively follow up, catch up strategy, to develop a generation, pre-research generation, conceptual generation, and actively keep up with market demand. Messi biology general manager Feng Wenjie initiative, regular research, insight into the market, capture information, but also for the community to recruit scientific researchers, as long as they hear that there is a seminar, are driving to recruit talent, and sometimes find time to look for online, find ways to attract talent.

Messi biology also organized the establishment of technical research and development department, product production department, raw material inspection department, quality inspection department and other professional departments, in terms of technology research and development, regardless of the cost, no matter what the cost, gathering the industry\’s technical elite, and with well-known domestic and foreign universities and relevant scientific research institutions to form a strategic cooperation, and constantly improve their core competitiveness, to create innovative technology-based enterprises. We have participated in the revision of the industry standard for many times, and our self-developed pharmaceutical and food grade magnesium oxide series products are ahead of the industry level in all technical indexes and have passed the certification of Europe and America, and our products are widely praised by domestic and foreign customers.


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