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Function and Prospect of Magnesium Oxide in Petroleum Catalyst

I. Overview

Petroleum catalyst is an important raw material required for the production of oil refining industry. The development of the magnesia industry is closely related to the development of the oil refining industry. Messi Biology believes that the shortage of oil resources and the high volatility of crude oil prices will bring huge raw material guarantees to my country’s petrochemical industry and cost pressures. For this reason, my country’s petrochemical industry needs to develop crude oil and heavy oil deep processing technology, and continuously improve resource utilization, which puts forward stricter requirements for petroleum catalysts. Magnesium oxide, as one of the raw materials for petroleum catalysts, has more and more requirements for its specificity. more stringent.

Function and Prospect of Magnesium Oxide in Petroleum Catalyst

2. the role

Magnesium oxide is an environmentally friendly chemical material. It has a very good effect in petroleum catalysts. Petroleum catalysts have very strict quality requirements for magnesium oxide. The main functions of magnesium oxide in it are as follows.

  1. The main function of magnesium oxide for petroleum catalysts is to directly act as a catalyst or as a catalyst carrier.
  2. Adding an appropriate amount of magnesium oxide to the catalyst carrier is beneficial to improve the adsorption performance of the catalyst, accelerate the adsorption speed, effectively reduce the sudden change of the petroleum catalyst, and improve the stability of the catalyst.
  3. Magnesium oxide is an alkaline substance, which can effectively reduce the surface acidity of the carrier when used in petroleum catalysts, and is beneficial to promote the adsorption of acidic substances on the catalyst.
  4. Magnesium oxide has a certain hydration effect. When the magnesium oxide content exceeds a certain range, it will be counterproductive and weaken the adsorption performance. Therefore, it is not the best magnesium oxide content to choose.
  5. Prospects

3. Prospects

Messi Biology said that petroleum catalyst is the key technology for the efficient conversion and clean utilization of crude oil in the oil refining industry, and is an important raw material required for the production of the oil refining industry. With the continuous expansion of the oil refining industry, the market demand for petroleum catalysts continues to grow. However, the speed of technological progress in the petroleum catalyst industry cannot meet the ever-increasing product requirements of the oil refining industry, and the contradiction between supply and demand still exists. In the future, the production of high-performance, high-quality, and environmentally friendly products will be the focus of the development of the petroleum catalyst industry.

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