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Activating Rubber Industry with High reactive Magnesium Oxide

High reactive Magnesium oxide is used both as a curative for chloroprene compounds and an acid acceptor in halogenated polymer systems. In Chloroprene Rubber (Neoprene), it improves processibility, curerate, and vulcanization. In general, the higher the activation of Magnesium
Oxide, the greater the processing safety and the better the vulcanization properties. In Fluoroelastomers, it acts as an acid acceptor as they serve to
neutralize hydrogen fluoride generated during the cure or on extended aging at high temperatures.

If exposed to atmospheric moisture and carbon dioxide, even briefly, Magnesium Oxide gets converted to Magnesium Hydroxide and Magnesium
Carbonate thereby losing its activity by a substantial degree. Therefore, it is imperative to protect this product from inevitable atmospheric reaction until it is added to the compound. Considering all these aspects our Research & Developmental team has improvised a specially surface treated high active Magnesium Oxide, namely Supermag 150 which acts as a superior vulcanizing agent in Chloroprene rubber and Synthetics Rubber (FKM, CIIR, BIIR, CPE). Supermag 150 being a specially surface treated product it exhibits superior compatibility, excellent dispersibility, improved moisture resistance, and also adhesion resistance on mixing roller.
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