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How the high value-added magnesium hydroxide is made?

Among the many flame retardants, magnesium hydroxide is undoubtedly one of the better ones. It will decompose when heated to release the bonded water to absorb a large amount of latent heat, reduce the surface temperature of the filled synthetic materials in the flame. And more critical is that magnesium hydroxide can also suppress smoke, once the addition of magnesium hydroxide flame retardant, can greatly reduce the density of smoke when burning, reducing the risk of people being choked.

In recent years, due to the environmental protection policy, people\’s consumption concept change and other reasons, magnesium hydroxide in the field of thermal conductive plastic, insulation materials, wire and cable, coatings and other areas of demand has been growing.

As our country is rich in magnesium resources and has the unique resource advantage, the raw material used to extract magnesium hydroxide is mainly based on salt lake brine method, and most of them are concentrated in Qinghai area. Because of the simple access to raw materials, so the local mostly use brine – ammonia method to remove sulfate, carbon dioxide, a small amount of boron and other impurities by purification treatment of brine as raw materials, ammonia as a precipitant in the reaction kettle for precipitation reaction, before the reaction into a certain amount of crystal species, for full stirring. Add flocculant at the end of the reaction, and the precipitate is filtered, washed, dried and crushed to produce finished magnesium hydroxide.

Because this process is relatively simple, so it is easy to lead to uneven particle size distribution of magnesium hydroxide products. But surprisingly, the magnesium hydroxide products of Hebei Messi Biology Co., Ltd. can perfectly avoid this point, asked the reason, it turns out that Messi Biology will not only adopt the international advanced production technology and imported equipment, but also for the many defects of the traditional process to improve the equipment accordingly, developed a unique technical formula, with a strict management system and perfect testing instruments, not only break through the chemical method and We not only break through the single nature of chemical and ore method magnesium hydroxide, but also have the advantage of high purity and high cost performance. At the same time, the whole production process is almost zero emission, in line with the development of green environmental protection requirements.


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