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Hydromagnesite resources in Naqu, Tibet

As a leading enterprise in China’s magnesium salt material industry, every step of Messi Biology is inseparable from the word “innovation”. However, research and development without the support of basic resources can only be a tree without roots and a sapling without water. Therefore, Hebei Messi Biology Co., Ltd. always insists that “good raw materials can make good products”, relying on the hydromagnesite resources in Naqu, Tibet as raw materials , for deep processing of high-end magnesium salt. Based on the characteristic hydromagnesite resources and aiming at the highest level in the world, with the support of source innovation, Messi Biology is striving to catch up with the world’s leading magnesium salt enterprises step by step from the source.

Hebei Messi Biology Co., Ltd. takes Tibetan hydromagnesite as the research and development object, researches and develops high-end magnesium oxide, magnesium carbonate, and magnesium hydroxide products, and carries out large-scale and efficient application of related new technologies and new materials to solve the key commonality of the magnesium salt industry question. The hydromagnesite resources in my country’s Tibet region are treasures from the snow-covered plateau, with unique quality and world-leading reserves. The high-purity and high-performance magnesium salt material researched and developed by Messi Biology using hydromagnesite as raw material can improve the quality and grade of magnesium salt products in my country, increase the added value of magnesium salt materials, and improve the utilization rate of hydromagnesite resources at the same time.

At present, active magnesia, nano-magnesia, hexagonal magnesium hydroxide, basic magnesium carbonate and other products produced from hydromagnesite have made staged progress, and industrial application tests have achieved the same effect as the world’s leading companies for similar products. It has been used in the fields of silicon steel, flame retardant, electronics, and chemical industry at home and abroad, and its product indicators are internationally leading.

Hydromagnesite resources in Naqu, Tibet

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