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Preparation and stability study of magnesium carbonate whiskers trihydrate

Magnesium carbonate whisker trihydrate is a fibrous single crystal synthesized by low-temperature hydrothermal process, which is highly cost-effective and attracts much attention in the field of new materials. Due to the high purity, magnesium carbonate whisker trihydrate can be used to prepare high-purity magnesium oxide, magnesium hydroxide, basic magnesium carbonate, magnesium sulfate, magnesium nitrate and other fine magnesium salt chemicals; due to the low thermal decomposition temperature, magnesium carbonate whisker trihydrate as a precursor for the preparation of magnesium oxide whisker has attracted much attention;

Because of its good mechanical, physical and chemical properties, magnesium carbonate whisker trihydrate is widely used in machinery, electronics, automotive, metallurgy, plastics, ceramics, rubber, coatings, printing ink and other industrial fields, especially added to the key materials in national defense, aerospace, advanced weapon systems, etc.

Due to the low production cost, wide application and mild preparation conditions, magnesium carbonate whisker trihydrate will become another magnesium salt whisker product with great development potential after magnesium borate whisker.

In this paper, magnesium salt and ammonium bicarbonate were used as raw materials for the preparation of magnesium carbonate whiskers trihydrate by low-temperature aqueous synthesis method. The optimum test conditions were obtained by single-factor test: magnesium salt type was magnesium sulfate, reaction temperature was 50℃, initial concentration was 0.5mol/L, reaction time was 60min, pH of reaction system was 9.5, stirring speed was 120rpm, drop acceleration rate of magnesium sulfate solution was 4ml/min, surfactant was potassium dihydrogen phosphate, its addition amount was 1.3%; by orthogonal The main and secondary factors were pH, reaction temperature, reaction time and surfactant addition.


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