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magnesium oxide for dry granulation and tablet pressing

Drug tablet production can be used in wet granulation and dry granulation and compression, in the drug to water, heat instability with hygroscopicity or the use of direct compression method of poor liquidity when the use of dry granulation and compression, magnesium oxide pressed tablets, that is, the use of dry granulation and compression.

Tablet quality during tablet pressing is mainly affected by the nature of raw and auxiliary materials, pressure, moisture, binder, disintegrating agent, etc. When the raw and auxiliary materials and pressing parameters are not ideal, lobe, sticky punch, slow disintegration, excessive difference in tablet weight, color spot, pockmark and other abnormal phenomena may occur during tablet pressing. When using the crude magnesium oxide produced by the existing process for dry compression, the tablets break when conducting pressure experiments, which may be caused by unsuitable selection of binder, too much raw material fines and too much pressure.

In order to adjust the production process and parameters of low lead magnesium oxide to ensure that it can pass the tablet pressure test when applied in tablet pressing, Hebei Messi Biology Co., Ltd. developed low lead magnesium oxide crude granules. According to the production characteristics of low lead magnesium oxide, the granulation process of low lead magnesium oxide was adjusted to reduce the content of particle fines, increase the binding ability of the particles, eliminate the abnormal phenomena such as color spots and pockmarks, and avoid the subsequent compression of tablets, which are not tightly bound and easily brittle to cause fracture. The final preparation is in line with the low lead magnesium oxide crude particles for dry pressing, and the process is stable.

The low lead magnesium oxide of Hebei Messi Biology Co., Ltd. does not produce color spots, pitting and other abnormalities when using dry pressing, the quality of low lead magnesium oxide meets the enterprise internal control standard, the apparent specific volume is around 1.20ml/g, no abnormal color when pressing, and the tablet passes the pressure test and can not guarantee fracture under 260N.

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