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Messi Biology Optimization and Integration of Magnesium Oxide Industry Chain

Since the pharmaceutical and food grade magnesium oxide project of Hebei Messi Biology Co., Ltd. has been put into production, the production and sales of magnesium oxide has reached an annual doubling growth rate. At present, the green industry chain has been formed with magnesium oxide as the source, mutual supply of products and raw materials, and finally the production of high value-added products. It is with the support of green industry chain, the company\’s magnesium oxide industry to achieve benign development.

In the field of fine chemicals of derivatives downstream of magnesium oxide industry chain, Messi Biology itself does not have advantages in technology, marketing channels and management. Therefore, it is a good move to implement strategic cooperation through capital linkage. In the magnesium oxide project, Messi Biology innovative operation, and the industry\’s top enterprises to achieve cooperation, through complementary advantages, access to the field of fine chemicals brand, marketing channels and customer management and many other scarce resources, to achieve a profitable revenue generation of downstream products.

Through optimization, magnesium oxide industry can achieve good operation, not by working on a single product, but the whole green industry chain operation. We keep the raw material price low to ensure the market, and return the capital, and achieve the cost reduction through the integration of the industry chain, so as to achieve the overall profitability.


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