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Nano Magnesium Oxide Production Process of Messi Biology Hydromagnesite

Hebei Messi Biology Co., Ltd. adopts the method of producing high-purity nano-magnesia from Bange Lake hydromagnesite in Naqu, Tibet. This method uses the principle of chemical reaction. First, the hydromagnesite is calcined to obtain magnesium oxide, reacted with sulfuric acid, and filtered. The magnesium sulfate solution is obtained, and the solution is purified by using a neutralizer and an oxidizing agent to obtain the purified magnesium sulfate solution. A part of the purified magnesium sulfate solution is added with ammonium bicarbonate and a surfactant, and calcined to obtain high-purity nano-magnesium oxide; the other part is obtained from the above The ammonium sulfate-containing filtrate obtained in the first step is heated and decomposed with the lightly burned powder to obtain flame-retardant magnesium hydroxide, which is filtered in the reactor to obtain environmentally friendly magnesium hydroxide, and the filtrate is reused without emission.

Fibrous magnesium hydroxide, basic magnesium carbonate and high-purity nano-magnesium oxide are widely used in flame retardancy, smoke suppression, filling and reinforcement of rubber and plastic products; they can also be used as heat insulation and high temperature resistant insulation materials; they can also be used in manufacturing Optical glass, electronic ceramics, 5G electronic components, aerospace and other fields.

Hydromagnesite is a unique mineral resource in Bangocuo Lake in Nagchu, Tibet. It is a natural basic magnesium carbonate with abundant resource reserves, simple mining technology and clean mining process. Based on hydromagnesite minerals, it is possible to develop low-smoke and halogen-free mineral flame-retardant materials, industrial sewage treatment agents, industrial desulfurization/sulfurization agents, smoke suppressants, inorganic mineral fillers, new wall materials for humidity control and aldehyde removal, etc. product. Hebei Messi Biology Co., Ltd. develops, manufactures and sells various magnesium salt series products of hydromagnesite relying on the hydromagnesite resources of Bange Co Lake in Naqu, Tibet.

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