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High-end oriented silicon steel special magnesium oxide products

Recently, the magnesium oxide for silicon steel developed and produced by Hebei Messi Biology Co., Ltd. was successfully applied to ultra-thin specifications of high-grade low-temperature oriented silicon steel, and the comprehensive index is better than foreign products, which also marks that China has cracked the \”neck\” technology, broke the foreign monopoly and achieved a major breakthrough in domestic magnesium oxide preparation technology.

Magnesium oxide is the key raw material in the coating of oriented silicon steel, mainly plays the role of isolating agent to prevent the strip from sticking in the high temperature annealing stage, and also reacts with the silicon dioxide on the surface of silicon steel to form an excellent magnesium silicate insulation base layer. Take to the industrialization of silicon steel products, to a large extent depends on the breakthrough of the formation of the bottom layer technology, of which, the role of magnesium oxide is crucial, determine the quality of products, the rate of material and cost competitive advantage. And the thin specification high grade low temperature-oriented silicon steel bottom layer formation is the most difficult, the magnesium oxide requirements are also the highest.

However, the magnesium oxide required by domestic major steel companies for thin specification high grade low temperature-oriented silicon steel has long relied on imports, not only expensive but also the key index stability is not effectively solved. Magnesium oxide has also become the only problem that has not been properly solved in the production of thin specification high-grade low temperature-oriented silicon steel of major steel enterprises.


Break the \”neck\” technology, must rely on themselves. As early as 2019, Hebei Messi Biology co., ltd began to explore the solution to the problem of magnesium oxide localization alternative, after years of technical accumulation, the thin specification low temperature oriented silicon steel with magnesium oxide preparation technology as a company-level scientific research project, set up a project promotion group, and by Messi Biology general manager FengWenJie personally as a high-end magnesium oxide research and development special responsible person, the work does not disappoint, successfully developed and produced comparable to We have successfully developed and produced the high-end magnesium oxide for silicon steel, which is comparable to the imported products, successfully broke the monopoly of foreign countries, and established a new bright image of domestic magnesium oxide enterprises.

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