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Overview of magnesium carbonate whiskers

Hebei Messi Biology Co., Ltd. stated that magnesium carbonate whiskers, as a typical functionalized magnesium carbonate product, are single crystals of hydrated magnesium carbonate. They have unique advantages such as fewer defects, fewer impurities, and a strength close to the ideal strength of the crystal.

Overview of magnesium carbonate whiskers

Magnesium carbonate whiskers are cheap and widely used. They can be used as excellent fillers and reinforcing agents for rubber products, heat insulation and high-temperature resistant fireproof insulation materials, and can also be used to manufacture high-end glass products, pigments, paints, and daily chemicals. , At the same time, magnesium carbonate whiskers can be used as intermediates for the preparation of high-purity magnesium oxide, magnesium oxide whiskers, and basic magnesium carbonate materials. As another cost-effective whisker after the successful development of aluminum borate whiskers and magnesium borate whiskers, magnesium carbonate whiskers have attracted much attention due to their remarkable characteristics since they were first successfully developed.

1. Low cost: The raw materials for the synthesis of magnesium carbonate whiskers are soluble magnesium salts and carbonates or bicarbonates. Since magnesium resources are abundant in seawater brine, and the required carbonates and bicarbonates are cheap in the market, magnesium carbonate is The source of raw materials for whiskers has a price advantage. The main preparation method of magnesium carbonate whiskers is hydrothermal synthesis. The process is simple and easy to scale up.

2. Environmentally friendly: Unlike traditional ionic compounds such as silicon carbide and silicon nitride whiskers, magnesium carbonate whiskers are essentially inorganic salts that can degrade by themselves in the environment.

3. Excellent interface properties: Magnesium carbonate whiskers can be well dispersed in organic and inorganic solvents and are easy to be modified by further surface treatment. Therefore, magnesium carbonate whiskers have a wide range of applications.

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