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Preparation of magnesium oxide nanoparticles and their antibacterial properties

Magnesium oxide nanoparticles have long-lasting and broad-spectrum antibacterial activity, and are UV-independent, safe, non-toxic, stable and have great potential for application. Different metal ion-doped magnesium oxide nanoparticles were prepared by coordination-precipitation, homogeneous precipitation and sol-gel methods, and their morphology and antibacterial activity were investigated.

The results showed that magnesium oxide nanoparticles doped with different metal ions showed different antibacterial effects, among which Li-MgO not only improved the defects on the surface of magnesium oxide to promote the release of reactive oxygen species (ROS), but also the doping of ions increased the alkalinity of the solution to ensure the stability of ROS, which had a promoting effect on antibacterial. It was found that MgO nanoparticles have good antibacterial properties against E. coli and S. aureus by fluorescence double staining, growth curve and colony counting method.


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