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Preparation of magnesium oxide nanoparticles with the function of auxiliary agents and drug carriers

The preparation method of micro-nano magnesium oxide with the function of adjuvant and drug carrier involves a preparation method of micro-nano magnesium oxide, weighing MgCO in a beaker, heating with magnetic stirring; adding a mixed solution of oxalic acid/water (v/v=1/5) to the beaker drop by drop, stirring fully while adding drop by drop to make the reaction complete; leaving the reaction solution, stratifying, filtering, discarding the supernatant, and the obtained precipitate is placed in The precipitate was dried in the oven to obtain the intermediate product of magnesium oxalate hydrate MgCO-nHO;

the intermediate product was placed in a muffle furnace and calcined to obtain the micro-nanostructured magnesium oxide; the loading product was added to the hydrochloric acid solution, stirred at constant temperature in a water bath until the solid was completely dissolved, and the content of the complex was detected by UV spectrophotometer (UV); the drug loading and encapsulation rate were calculated. The amount of drug loading and encapsulation rate were calculated.

This kind of magnesium oxide has the double function of enhancing the quality and drug loading at the same time, which solves the series of problems such as complex process, high production cost and environmental pollution in the production of existing process.


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