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Preparation Technology and Market Prospect of Magnesium Hydroxide Slurry

Hebei Messi Biology Co., Ltd. stated that high-concentration and high-stability magnesium hydroxide slurry can be prepared by adding anionic polyelectrolyte to the magnesium hydroxide emulsion thick liquid. When the polyelectrolyte concentration is 25% and the amount added is 0.5%-1.5% of the total amount of magnesium hydroxide (on a dry basis), the obtained slurry contains 51%-62% solids and 38%-49% moisture , with a viscosity of 40-500mPas and an average particle size of 1.0-2.5um. This kind of slurry can be stored for a long time for more than 6 months without stirring and is still in a suspended state.

Hebei Messi Biology Co., Ltd. uses brine as raw material and ammonia as precipitant to produce magnesium hydroxide and the influence of various dispersants on the performance of slurry. Through experiments, the ratio of dispersant required for slurry stability is investigated. On this basis, the stable magnesium hydroxide slurry was prepared. Through the research of this experiment, it can fill the blank of the high stability technology of the slurry magnesium hydroxide product in our country and solve the problems in the production process of the slurry magnesium hydroxide.

Magnesium Hydroxide Slurry

Slurry magnesium hydroxide is an inorganic chemical product with great environmental and ecological advantages, which is in line with the strategy of sustainable development. The research, development and production of slurry-like magnesium hydroxide are very active in the world, and domestic research and development of slurry-like magnesium hydroxide has gradually begun to be emphasized. my country is rich in magnesium resources, and the reserves of magnesite rank first in the world; the coastal brine resources are abundant, and the inland salt lakes and well brines in Qinghai, Sichuan, and Shanxi are rich in hydrated magnesium chloride, which provides a source for the production of slurry-like magnesium hydroxide in my country. Inexhaustible and inexhaustible ideal raw materials that can achieve long-term sustainable development.

my country’s coastal seawater resources are abundant, and my country is one of the countries that produce more sea salt in the world. The national raw salt production capacity is nearly 30 million tons, and the by-product brine is about 20 million cubic meters. Brine is a renewable resource with high utilization value. However, for a long time, my country has not paid much attention to the development and utilization of brine, and the utilization rate of brine in my country is still less than 10%, resulting in the waste of a large amount of magnesium resources. Therefore, the full utilization of magnesium brine resources has become an urgent task. Radon magnesia is the third largest magnesium chemical after magnesia and light-burned magnesia in magnesium chemicals. It is favored and respected by developed countries in the process of implementing sustainable development strategies, protecting the environment, and benefiting ecological development. one of the products. Known as a green and safe neutralizer, an environmentally friendly flame retardant and a third alkali. Therefore, the use of cheap raw materials and processes to prepare stable, highly active slurry-like magnesium hydroxide has become an important research topic and has a good development prospect.

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