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Process for preparing magnesium hydroxide from magnesium oxide

My country’s salt lakes are very rich in magnesium resources, but the utilization of magnesium resources is still at a low stage. Even after potassium extraction, it has not been developed and utilized, resulting in waste and salt lake pollution. Therefore, magnesium hydroxide is an inorganic chemical product that needs to be developed urgently and has broad market prospects. Utilizing salt lake magnesium resources can also develop magnesium hydroxide whiskers and magnesium oxide whiskers with higher added value. Taking advantage of resources to produce high-purity magnesium hydroxide products, in addition to meeting domestic market demand, we should focus on the world market to obtain greater economic benefits. While developing magnesium resources, attention should be paid to resource protection and environmental protection to avoid secondary pollution in order to obtain good environmental benefits.

Hebei Messi Biology Co., Ltd. said that based on the comprehensive utilization of salt lake resources, magnesium oxide products from a salt lake in Qinghai were used as raw materials to study the process conditions for preparing magnesium hydroxide using the hydration method. Through single-factor condition experiments, we studied the influence of reaction parameters such as reaction temperature, reaction time and raw material solid-liquid ratio on raw material conversion rate and product particle size, and explored the preparation mechanism of magnesium hydroxide prepared by magnesium oxide hydration method.

Magnesium hydroxide is prepared by direct hydration of magnesium oxide. The preparation process is simple and it is not easy to introduce impurities. However, the reaction temperature of this process is high, the energy consumption is large, and the reaction time is long. The raw material magnesium oxide is prepared from salt lakes, and the hydration method is used to prepare magnesium hydroxide. The optimal preparation conditions determined by the process conditions are reaction temperature 180℃~200℃, reaction time 5h~7h, and raw material solid-liquid ratio 1:40. It can produce flaky magnesium hydroxide products with a particle size of about 20 μm, relatively uniform particle size distribution and good crystallization.

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