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Properties of spherical magnesium oxide for thermal conductivity

Both spherical alumina and spherical magnesium oxide are developed continuously with the technological development of electronic industry. At present, spherical alumina is still the main force of commercial thermal conductive filler, but the thermal conductivity of spherical magnesium oxide can reach as much as 1.5 times that of spherical alumina, which greatly enhances the flexibility of customers in thermal management, so it is also called the \”next generation of thermal conductive filler\” that succeeds spherical alumina. Therefore, it is also called the \”next generation of thermal conductivity filler\” after spherical alumina.

Some years ago, the domestic thermal conductive material industry, has been using imported magnesium oxide products, but foreign companies because of after-sales and other problems, so that the thermal conductive material manufacturers after the quality problems, often cannot be effectively solved, Hebei Messi Biology Co., Ltd. in order to change the status quo, developed beyond the imported brand of domestic thermal


conductive material with magnesium oxide.

Hebei Messi Biology Co., Ltd. independently developed magnesium oxide for thermal conductivity, magnesium oxide content ≥ 98.0%, average particle size (D50) 50~60μm, specific surface area 0.2m2/g, specific gravity 3.6g/cm3, single crystal thermal conductivity 40~60W/m.k, Mohs hardness 5.5. easy to disperse and mix, can be filled with high proportion; high thermal conductivity, single crystal thermal conductivity than alumina; low Hardness, not easy to wear equipment, can be used to produce high whiteness thermal conductivity plastic; mainly used in thermal conductivity plastic, thermal conductivity silicone pad, thermal conductivity potting adhesive, thermal conductivity mastic, etc.

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