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Rective Magnesium Oxide Precipitation to Produce Nickel Hydroxide

Hebei Messi Biology Co., Ltd. stated that there are reports in the prior art that magnesium oxide is used to precipitate nickel hydroxide, but the high cost of magnesium oxide leads to high production costs of nickel hydroxide, which is not conducive to industrial applications. The invention provides a nickel hydroxide and a preparation method thereof, aiming at solving the problem of high cost of magnesium oxide precipitated nickel hydroxide.

High reactive magnesium oxide

In order to achieve the above purpose, this technology provides a method for preparing nickel hydroxide, which includes: nickel sulfate solution obtained by leaching laterite nickel ore with high-pressure acid; wet-milling low-activity magnesium oxide with a ball mill to obtain magnesium oxide slurry, and the wet-milling process ball Material volume ratio (30-50): 1, liquid-solid volume ratio (2-5): 1, wet grinding time 0.5-3.0h; add magnesium oxide slurry to nickel sulfate solution to react to get nickel-precipitated slurry; deposit nickel Separating the slurry from solid to liquid to obtain nickel hydroxide solution and nickel hydroxide filter cake; drying the nickel hydroxide filter cake to obtain nickel hydroxide. Low activity magnesium oxide is active magnesium oxide with activity 60 or activity 40. The iodine absorption value of low-activity magnesium oxide is 40-80, the bulk density is ≤0.12g/ml, and the magnesium oxide is ≥92%.

Rective Magnesium Oxide Precipitation to Produce Nickel Hydroxide

The preparation method of nickel hydroxide provided by this technology uses low-activity magnesia as an auxiliary material for nickel hydroxide. Activity, can achieve the nickel deposition effect of high-activity magnesium oxide, compared with high-activity magnesium oxide auxiliary materials, the cost is low, the process is simple, and the product contains high nickel.

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