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Research and application of magnesium hydroxide for environmental protection

Hebei Messi Biology Co., Ltd. stated that chemical products must be used whether it is desulfurization of coal-fired flue gas or neutralization of acid-containing wastewater. Obviously, this product must have the following basic characteristics: ① non-toxic, mild, and will not corrode water treatment equipment; ② cheap and easy to obtain, low water treatment cost; ③ easy to operate, high efficiency, and thorough decontamination; ④ It will not cause secondary pollution and is easy to recycle or comprehensively utilize. Based on the above basic requirements, it is not difficult to see that alkaline substances must be used to treat acidic oxides (SO2) and acid-containing wastewater, among which magnesium hydroxide is one of the best raw materials.

Flame Retardant Magnesium Hydroxide

Magnesium hydroxide is cheap and easy to obtain, has relatively mild properties, and is a weak base. Paste magnesium hydroxide has non-precipitating and non-fluid properties, and is easy to use and adjust. It is widely used in acidic wastewater. The weak alkalinity of magnesium hydroxide gives it unique buffering and neutralizing capabilities. During use, the highest pH value does not exceed 9, the neutralization speed is slow, and it has strong adsorption capacity, strong activity and low corrosiveness. These advantages Magnesium hydroxide can be used in acid wastewater treatment to reduce operating procedures and time, and reduce equipment investment. Therefore, magnesium hydroxide can be used importantly in acid wastewater treatment. Since the sulfur dioxide and magnesium hydroxide produced during coal combustion combine to form magnesium sulfate or magnesium sulfite, which is relatively stable, the removal of sulfur dioxide from the flue gas is relatively complete.

Hebei Messi Biology Co., Ltd. said that compared with sodium hydroxide, magnesium hydroxide is not only cheap and easy to obtain, but also much milder in alkalinity. It will not corrode water treatment equipment and will not cause new pollution due to excessive alkalinity. At the same time, due to the high neutralization ratio of magnesium hydroxide, its dosage is relatively small, and post-processing is easier to carry out. Therefore, magnesium hydroxide is an ideal environmental protection product for neutralization of acid-containing wastewater and flue gas desulfurization. This product has been widely used abroad, especially in developed countries such as Europe, the United States and Japan. For example, the magnesium hydroxide used for environmental protection in the United States has reached hundreds of thousands of tons every year. With the country’s emphasis on environmental protection and the promulgation of corresponding policies and regulations, the amount of magnesium hydroxide used for environmental protection in my country is also increasing.

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