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The gap and development direction of magnesium oxide at home and abroad

Hebei Messi Biology Co., Ltd.. said that due to different resources, the raw materials used vary greatly between countries. The United States and Japan use seawater, Israel and the Netherlands use bitter brine and salt water, while Greece uses magnesite as raw material, so the impurity content of the products is also different. The high-purity magnesium oxide product produced by a Japanese company has an MgO content of 99%, a CaO content of <0.13%, a B2O3 content of about 0.1-0.05%, and a product density of 3.143g/cm3. People call it a high-tech product.

The development of high-purity magnesium oxide production technology in my country began in the early 1990s. At present, high-purity magnesium oxide production technology has been developed and is in the stage of transformation to industrialization. Among them, the brine method technology developed by Xingtai Meixi Environmental Protection Materials Co., Ltd. It has the advantages of simple process, good production safety, high product quality, and recyclable by-products, and is worthy of investors’ attention.

magnesium oxide

my country’s magnesium oxide production scale is small and cannot meet the needs of foreign markets. In the United States and Western Europe, ordinary caustic calcined magnesium oxide plants are more than 10,000 tons, while the vast majority of magnesium oxide plants in my country are 300-500kt/a. The magnesium oxide produced in my country is still in the primary crude product stage, while foreign magnesium oxide products tend to be more diversified and refined, and the output of primary light magnesium oxide products is very small.

Magnesium oxide products for different uses have different requirements for physical and chemical indicators, and their prices vary widely. For example, the domestic price of ordinary light magnesium oxide currently does not exceed 9,000 yuan/t, and the price of medical magnesium oxide can reach 21,000 yuan/t. The selling price has increased by 2 times, while the cost has increased by less than 1 time; silicon steel magnesium oxide has also reached 20,000 yuan/t. t or more, high-purity magnesium oxide reaches more than 30,000 yuan/t. Therefore, the production of high-performance, high-value-added miniaturized functional products can greatly provide economic benefits, expand production scale, and ultimately integrate with international standards, such as pharmaceutical-grade magnesium oxide, food-grade magnesium oxide, silicon steel magnesium oxide, magnesium oxide whiskers, and high-tech products. Pure nano magnesium oxide, etc.

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