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The independent innovation capability of magnesium oxide companies is low

Hebei Messi Biology Co., Ltd. stated that the independent innovation capabilities of my country’s magnesium oxide companies are currently low, resulting in low market competitiveness of products. Most of my country’s magnesium oxide companies are small in scale and have similar product structures. Many enterprises have simple production plants, outdated facilities, and backward production techniques. Some enterprises are just standard small family workshops.

The role of magnesium oxide in the field of medicine and common sense

For example, some manufacturing companies, due to insufficient own funds, rent a few dilapidated bungalows in relatively hidden places, buy one or two product formulas and production process materials, recruit a few workers, and start production using local methods. Production under such circumstances will not only cause serious harm to the life safety of operators and the environment, but also make it difficult for the products produced to meet the quality requirements of users. Once users use such products, they will be Harmful products to consumers.

Some small and medium-sized magnesium oxide companies, due to the low quality of the people in charge, do not pay attention to the role of technical personnel, and almost do not set up the position of “developing new products”. Instead, they simply spend money to buy a few product formulas and then imitate production. The result of such imitation is that the market is flooded with ordinary products and has few high-tech products. In order to seize market share, some companies have adopted malicious price reduction strategies, causing the profits of magnesium oxide to fall again and again, causing damage to the overall interests of the industry. , The industry development lacks stamina.

Because some small and medium-sized enterprises lack excellent technical personnel and cannot digest and absorb the purchased formulas and processes well, the quality of the products they produce is getting worse and worse, and there are fewer and fewer customers. This problem has seriously restricted the healthy development of my country’s magnesium oxide industry. Only by carefully studying these issues, taking appropriate measures and taking practical and effective measures can the steady development of the magnesium oxide industry be promoted.

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