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What role does magnesium sulfate in nutrition and health products play

Hebei Messi Biology Co., Ltd. said that recently some customers consult magnesium sulfate products and say that there are a lot of health products that have magnesium sulfate on it. I want to know what the magnesium sulfate in nutritional health products can play.

What role does magnesium sulfate in nutrition and health products play

Magnesium plays an extremely important role in metabolism in sugar and protein.If children during growth and development have indigestion and vitamin D, magnesium salt should be supplemented.Magnesium has many physiological functions similar to potassium.Because the clinical manifestations of magnesium deficiency are similar to potassium deficiency, magnesium deficiency is often easily ignored.When the symptoms are still not improved after potassium deficiency, and the symptoms are still not improved, the possibility of magnesium deficiency should be considered first, so that hypotamore can be corrected in time.Therefore, patients with long -term infusion should pay attention to magnesium supplementation while supplementing potassium.Add 1 gram of magnesium sulfate to daily infusion to prevent the occurrence of hyponiasis.

In the field of medicine, the external application of magnesium sulfate powder can be swollen, used to treat swelling after trauma of limb trauma, and help improve rough skin.Magnesium sulfate is easily dissolved in water, and is not absorbed in the internal administration. Magnesium ions and root ions in the aqueous solution are not easily absorbed by the intestinal wall, which increases the infiltration pressure in the intestine.The intestinal wall expansion, thereby stimulating the intestinal wall into the end of the nerve, reflectively caused the intestinal peristalsis and diarrhea. Its effect is in all intestinal segments, which is fast and strong.As a guide and duodenal drainter.

Magnesium sulfate intravenous injection and muscle injection are mainly used for anticonia. It can cause vascular dilation and cause blood pressure to decrease. Due to the central inhibitory effect of magnesium sulfate and skeletal muscle relaxation.Waste the treatment of hypertension crisis.It is also used as poison of salt.

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