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Why is magnesium oxide so important in the rubber industry?

Magnesium oxide has a wide range of uses. It can be used in hundreds of fields such as rubber, medical rubber plugs, and adhesives. Today we will talk about the role of magnesium oxide in the rubber industry:

Why is magnesium oxide so important in the rubber industry

1, Reinforcing agent, magnesium oxide is a very important reinforcing agent for heat-resistant rubber in nitrile rubber;

2, Anti-scorch agent, used as vulcanizing agent and active agent in neoprene, has a good anti-scorch effect;

3, Acid absorbent to absorb the hydrogen chloride released by halogenated butyl rubber during vulcanization;

4, Thickener, used in composite materials to increase the viscosity of the formula;

5, Vulcanization accelerator, which can be used as a vulcanizing agent in halogenated butyl rubber;

6, Corrosion resistance, preventing mold organisms or ultraviolet rays from corroding rubber;

7, High temperature resistance can greatly improve the thermal conductivity of rubber;

8, Adhesiveness, which can increase the bonding performance with the metal skeleton and improve the roll-wrapping property of the mixed rubber.

The above is the role of magnesium oxide in the rubber industry. Although magnesium oxide is not an important material in rubber, it also plays a very important role!

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