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A method of preparing highly dispersed magnesium hydroxide

A method of preparing highly dispersed magnesium hydroxide from agglomerated magnesium hydroxide, which belongs to the field of inorganic chemical material preparation technology.

This invention takes agglomerated magnesium hydroxide with average original particle size 0.13 microns and average agglomerated particle size 550 microns as raw material, firstly mixed with appropriate amount of inorganic melt, roasted at 300700℃ for 0.56 hours to form dispersed superfine active magnesium oxide; then the above magnesium oxide is added to aqueous solution containing dispersant and morphology control agent, hydrated and transformed at 10100℃ for 0.56 hours to get average The original particle size is 0.13 microns, the average agglomerated particle size is 0.54.0 microns, the morphology is regular, the particle size is homogeneous and the highly dispersed magnesium hydroxide product.

The process of the invention is simple and mild, and the added value of the product is high. The magnesium hydroxide products prepared by this invention have regular morphology and good dispersion, and can be used as basic inorganic chemical products in the fields of flame retardant, food, desulfurization and wastewater treatment.

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