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Application of nano-magnesium oxide to paper artifacts for deacidification study

Paper artifacts have witnessed the development of human history and have an important cultural value. However, with the passage of time and many irresistible factors, paper heritage is suffering from great damage, how to effectively protect paper heritage has become an important research topic. Acidification is the most important factor to damage the paper relics, and the problem of paper acidification is mainly solved by vapor phase, liquid phase and organic solvent methods. In this paper, magnesium oxide nanoparticles are introduced into the protection of paper relics, and the size advantage and weak alkaline stabilization advantage of magnesium oxide nanoparticles are used to deacidify and inhibit aging.

An orthogonal test was designed to prepare a nano-magnesium oxide (MgO) suspension, and the effects of dispersant dosage, sonication time and sonication power on the dispersion stability of the suspension were investigated. The MgO nanosuspensions were used for the protection of paper relics by deacidification, and the effects of MgO dosage on paper relics were investigated.

The results showed that: 1.1% mass fraction of dispersant, 20 min sonication time, 560 W sonication power can prepare stable magnesium oxide nano suspension; 0.7% mass fraction of magnesium oxide nano deacidification solution after treatment, the pH value of paper increased from 3.69 to 8.45, the tensile strength of paper increased, the alkali residue reached 0.610 mol/kg, and after thermal aging, the pH After heat aging, the pH remained at 8.29, the tensile strength was maintained at a high level, and the alkali residue remained at 0.595 mol/kg, thus providing long-lasting protection.


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