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Advantages of preparing magnesium lithium silicate from magnesium oxide

I. Overview

The role of magnesium oxide in cosmetics

Lithium magnesium silicate has thickening and thixotropy, and strong adsorption capacity. It can improve the output rate, fineness, purity, whiteness and physical and chemical properties of the colloid, and expand the product’s application in medicine, food, especially cosmetics and skin care. It can be used in high-demand fields such as high-end products, and is used as a suspension, stabilizer, thickener, etc. in daily chemical industries such as latex paint and ink.

2. the advantages of magnesium oxide

As an important raw material of lithium magnesium silicate, magnesium oxide plays an important role in the production process of lithium magnesium silicate. Lithium magnesium silicate mainly uses magnesium oxide with a content of 99.5%. The nanometer performance and suspension performance of lithium magnesium silicate have high requirements on magnesium oxide. At present, magnesium oxide will react incompletely during the production process of lithium magnesium silicate, easily precipitate, and have low transparency when dispersed in water.

In order to solve this problem, Zehui Magnesium has developed a special magnesium oxide that matches the production process of lithium magnesium silicate. According to the stability and suspension of lithium magnesium silicate, the ratio is made, and different ultrafine magnesium oxide is selected for production. Experiment to find the right spot. Improve the dispersion performance of magnesium oxide, control the viscosity of magnesium oxide, adjust the production process of magnesium oxide and the addition ratio of auxiliary materials, and finally it is not easy to precipitate in the synthesis of magnesium silicate, and the transparency of the produced lithium magnesium silicate is above 96%.

3. Prospects

Lithium magnesium silicate has excellent properties such as thickening, dispersion, and adsorption, and is widely used in daily chemical, catalyst, coating and other industries. Lithium magnesium silicate resources are extremely scarce, and contain certain impurity minerals, which affect its use. Industrial magnesium lithium silicate is mainly obtained through artificial synthesis.

At present, the artificial synthesis of magnesium lithium silicate is mainly carried out by hydrothermal method. The silicate used is mainly sodium salt and potassium salt, which has high cost and insufficient reaction. Not even enough. Magnesium oxide has a large output in my country, and its price advantage is relatively large. Using magnesium oxide to prepare magnesium lithium silicate has better product transparency, higher viscosity, and higher product added value.

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