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Application of magnesium oxide on medical plugs

Medical plugs, also known as brominated butyl plugs and halogenated butyl plugs, are generally used as caps on medical glassware, so what role will magnesium oxide play when used in such plugs?

Application of magnesium oxide on medical plugs

In general, light magnesium oxide and reactive magnesium oxide can be used in the production of butyl glue plugs, mainly to play the role of vulcanization accelerator, acid-absorbing agent. Medical plugs lightweight magnesium oxide content requirements must be 93-95%, active magnesium oxide requirements content in 88-92 or so.

In general, the whiter the domestic magnesium oxide, the better the purity, relatively speaking, the less impurities. Medical plugs for fineness, mechanical impurities, black and white spots and heavy metal requirements are very strict, in general, black and white spots per 10 grams not more than 5, white spots are large particles of magnesium or calcium, black spots are generally mechanical impurities, or calcination, crushing process may produce. If you want to control the black and white spots, first classify the raw materials in the selection, and then remove the impurities and classify the finished products after firing. After these procedures, it can fully comply with the production of magnesium oxide for butyl plugs.

Foreign manufacturers to make the plug after in order to prevent hemolytic problems, repeatedly will produce products with saline repeatedly cleaned, and then after high temperature treatment, you can get rid of the surface. These are mainly related to hydrochloric acid insoluble matter and purity, but also related to iron, chloride, sulfate, other impurities, has nothing to do with magnesium oxide. Magnesium oxide in large or small quantities will produce the above hemolysis, and in large quantities will later produce exudation during hemolysis.

Butyl rubber plug vulcanization system is divided into three categories: magnesium oxide vulcanization system, magnesium oxide system and resin system. Magnesium oxide vulcanization system commonly used in the market, is the three systems in the operation of the simplest, lowest cost of a system that can reduce costs, independent control, the disadvantage is that more raw materials, quality problems are not easy to check. Resin system with less raw materials, without magnesium oxide, the only disadvantage is easy to ooze, resin system manufacturers use less. Gum plug manufacturers can choose the right magnesium oxide according to their own situation, but also according to their own special requirements for customized products.

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