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Application of magnesium carbonate in ink

Hebei Messi Biology Co., Ltd. stated that magnesium carbonate is a white solid powder with good chemical stability, thermal stability and wear resistance, and is a commonly used filler. Its chemical formula is MgCO3 and its relative molecular mass is 84.31. In the air, magnesium carbonate has good stability and is not easy to decompose. At high temperatures, it decomposes into magnesium oxide and carbon dioxide.

Application of magnesium carbonate in ink

Magnesium carbonate, as an important filler, plays an important role in ink. They can improve the rheological properties of the ink and improve the adhesion and uniformity of the ink. When magnesium carbonate is dissolved from the ink, it can neutralize the charges on the surface of the colloidal particles and reduce the electrostatic repulsion between particles, thus promoting the agglomeration and sedimentation of the particles and improving the uniformity of the ink color. This can also be achieved by increasing the flow rate (wetness), reducing interfacial tension and reducing viscosity.

Magnesium carbonate can improve the fluidity of ink, making it easier to deink during the printing process and increasing the printing speed. At the same time, magnesium carbonate also affects the drying time of ink. Experiments show that the addition of magnesium carbonate can prolong the wet tack time of the ink and speed up the drying process. Magnesium carbonate can also improve the durability and color stability of the ink, increase the hardness of the ink, and reduce the aging of the ink.

Magnesium Carbonate Light Tech Raw Material

To sum up, magnesium carbonate is a commonly used chemical filler in ink, which can improve the rheological properties of ink, increase printing speed and uniformity, improve printing quality, and extend the service life of ink.

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