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Application of Magnesium Hydroxide in Fireproof Coatings

I. Overview

Fire-resistant coatings, also known as flame-retardant coatings, are one of the varieties of special coatings and one of the important members of fire-resistant building materials. Applying fire-resistant coatings with excellent performance to the surface of the substrate can not only play a decorative role, but also prevent corrosion , anti-rust, acid and alkali resistance, anti-smog, etc., more importantly, when a fire occurs, the fire-resistant coating can prevent the spread of the flame, control the development of the fire, and effectively protect the internal structure.

2. Inorganic flame retardants commonly used in fire retardant coatings

Flame retardant system materials are the core of fire retardant coatings, and their performance has a great influence on the performance of fire retardant coatings. Inorganic flame retardants are commonly used fillers in fire retardant coatings, generally aluminum hydroxide and magnesium hydroxide, both of which have thermal stability , and low toxicity, no corrosive gas, long-lasting flame retardant effect, etc., but due to the large filling amount of aluminum hydroxide in the polymer, coupled with the influence of its inherent characteristics, it will reduce the processability of the polymer , mechanical properties, electrical properties, etc. Magnesium hydroxide not only has the three major functions of flame retardancy, smoke elimination, and filling, but also decomposes to produce water when heated, which takes away a lot of heat. In addition, the magnesium oxide generated by decomposition will also cover the surface of the substrate, which plays a certain role in isolating oxygen.

3. Prospects

Due to the high-rise building, clustering, large-scale industry and the wide application of organic synthetic materials, people have paid great attention to fire protection. The method of using coatings for fire protection is relatively simple and adaptable, so it is widely used in public buildings, vehicles, and aircraft. , ships, ancient buildings and cultural relics protection, electrical cables, aerospace and other aspects have applications. Magnesium hydroxide of different properties is added to the fire retardant coating, and the flame retardant mechanism of magnesium hydroxide can be used to achieve better application effects in different fields. market prospects.

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