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Application of magnesium oxide in catalyst

Function of magnesium oxide

There are many roles of magnesium oxide, desulfurization agent, neutralizing soft acidity as stabilizer, acid absorbing agent, etc., of which catalyst is a major focus. Application of magnesium oxide in catalyst has been widely used, especially in many organic reactions play an important catalytic role. Meanwhile, another important application of magnesium oxide is as a carrier for other catalysts, for example, Ni/MgO catalysts use magnesium oxide as a carrier to catalyze the reaction of carbon dioxide and methane, converting the two greenhouse gases into a mixture of hydrogen and carbon monoxide, and the mixture can be used as a fuel, thus achieving comprehensive utilization.

Reaction Process

Due to the high specific area of magnesium oxide nanoparticles and the presence of certain defects on the surface with catalytic activity, the catalytic effect is better compared with that of bulk powders. During the action of magnesium oxide nanopowder to remove the hydrogen halide from halobutane, the polymer can remove the small molecule of hydrogen halide under the catalytic action of magnesium oxide.

At the same time, the hydrogen halide is adsorbed on the surface of magnesium oxide, and then reacts with magnesium oxide to form water and magnesium halide. Among them, magnesium halide can be reconverted to magnesium oxide after calcination under certain conditions. This catalytic effect has a very important role in the treatment of white pollution and degradation of polymers.

Most of the reactions are selective for catalysts, and only the use of a specific catalyst or several specific catalysts has a significant catalytic effect, many of which need to be doped with magnesium oxide nanopowder to constitute a catalyst with special catalytic properties and play an important role in special reactions. Let’s say, NiSm-MgO is used as a catalyst to generate carbon nanotubes by catalytic pyrolysis reaction of carbon monoxide occurring in the catalyst under certain conditions. In conclusion, magnesium oxide nanoparticles have important applications, both as catalysts and as catalyst carriers.


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