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Application of magnesium oxide in silicon steel coating

Magnesium oxide is used in the production of oriented silicon steel sheet. The magnesium oxide will spread a layer on the silicon steel sheet to play the role of a protective film. Anti-acid, anti-corrosion, anti-rust, high temperature, prevent steel plate adhesion. It is mainly used as high temperature annealing isolating agent and insulating coating generating agent in the process of silicon steel sheet manufacturing to improve the insulation performance of silicon steel sheet and reduce the wear degree of silicon steel sheet.

Silicon steel grade magnesium oxide in silicon steel production process can play a high temperature, anti-corrosion, anti-acid, play a role in neutralization. The target of the product is also very high. Content ≥96% , chloride ≤0.03% , sulfate ≤0.2% , iron ≤0.06% , acid insoluble ≤0.1% , calcium ≤0.5% , required volume of 6.5 or more. The requirements for chloride, sulfate and particle size distribution are strict, and for hydration rate, generally less than 3.5.

By adopting advanced production technology and management, Hebei Messi Biology Co. , Ltd. has ensured the good quality stability of magnesium oxide, and important indexes such as particle size, crystal structure, hydration rate, activity and viscosity, etc. , can be comparable with domestic counterparts.


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