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Application of magnesium oxide in tires

Function of magnesium oxide in tires

Magnesium oxide is mainly used in all-steel radial tires, semi-steel radial tires, some butyl inner tubes are also used. Magnesium oxide in the production process of tires will play the role of anti-coke agent, curing accelerator, acid absorbent (halobutyl rubber in the vulcanization process will release hydrogen chloride), filler, high temperature resistance, fire retardant, wear resistance, corrosion resistance. Magnesium oxide has a certain activity is conducive to improving product quality, can extend the coking time to improve the flexibility and wear resistance of the product.


It is important to note that once the magnesium oxide moisture high, hydrochloric acid insoluble matter, water soluble matter is too high will appear blistering, trachoma; magnesium oxide content is too low will affect its toughness and wear resistance; calcium is too high will produce fracture. Adhesion between rubber pad and metal is not good, generally this situation is because the refining rubber is not ripe and not transparent, and lead to bad adhesion, just like and noodles and not transparent or waking time is short, rolling out the surface is not smooth and not delicate, because the surface is rough, resulting in poor adhesion with other objects, that is, the main role is his rubber and other major raw materials, magnesium oxide is only to improve his own performance and can not exist independently ;
Butyl rubber in the rubber refining soft phenomenon, magnesium oxide in which plays the role of vulcanization accelerator and anti-coke agent, improve the product itself has this performance, if the product itself this performance is poor, then magnesium oxide does not play such a big role. Because the magnesium oxide only play an auxiliary role, such as the problem is recommended to check whether the formulation of the vulcanization system and softening system is reasonable, whether there are certain quality problems.


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