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Application of magnesium oxide in plant decolorization

Magnesium oxide is mainly used for ginsenoside, Tianqi decolorization, Panax ginseng decolorization, ginsenoside (sucrose), gynostemma saponin. The main function of magnesium oxide is to decolorize the plant and absorb the color in the plant.

This industry has high requirements for magnesium oxide, magnesium oxide magnesium content should be greater than 92%, calcium content should be less than 1.5%, heavy metal content (mainly refers to mercury, chromium, lead, arsenic, etc.) should be less than 30ppm, apparent specific volume should be greater than 6.0ml/g. For chloride, heavy metal requirements are strictly controlled, active magnesium oxide is good to use.

In the decolorization of the leaves of ginseng, the problems that often occur are:

bad decolorization, bad precipitation, bad stratification. According to the experience of large specific volume, activity in 60-120 is good to use, the precipitation is faster, decolorization effect is better, and the amount of magnesium oxide is small.

The reactive magnesium oxide developed and produced by Hebei Messi biology Co., Ltd use brine as magnesium source, because the brine is easier to purify, easy to control the production conditions and product performance. Product heavy metal low, discoloration precipitation, settling speed, decolorization effect is good, the activity degree is suitable.


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