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Application of magnesium oxide nanoparticles in batteries

Messi Biology pointed out that high-purity nano magnesium oxide in the field of battery applications are the following four points.

1, the application of zinc-nickel battery through the physical mixing method in the zinc negative active material doped with nano magnesium oxide, can reduce the charge and discharge polarization, reduce the internal resistance of the late cycle, improve the utilization of negative plate active material, extend the battery cycle life, suitable for adding 1% of nano magnesium oxide, and the amount of addition should not exceed 2%.

2, the application of high zinc chloride battery in the positive active material added a small amount of nano magnesium oxide, can adjust the acidity of the electrolyte, slow down self-discharge, inhibit the battery gas expansion, improve storage performance, and to improve the discharge capacity and promote the paste of the slurry layer has a unique effect. Recommended addition of 0.5-1% and adjust the appropriate PH value.

3, cadmium-nickel battery application in the cadmium electrode by adding the right amount of nano-magnesium oxide, nano-zinc oxide and iron oxide can improve the utilization rate of active substances; add nano-magnesium oxide, indium trioxide and nano-zinc oxide, can improve the charge retention capacity of sealed cadmium-nickel battery.

4, other in the lithium battery cathode material in the right amount to add nano magnesium oxide can improve the material in the process of cycling, capacity decay, used in dye-sensitized solar cells can improve the utilization of light and photoelectric conversion rate.


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