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Application of magnesium oxide in foam ceramics

Foam ceramics have good three-dimensional three-dimensional mesh skeleton structure, in the production of magnesium oxide additives need to be used.


Magnesium oxide has good adsorption and filtering effect on impurities in foam ceramics, which can filter various inclusions and impurities in magnesium and magnesium alloy melt, improve the intrinsic quality of castings and reduce defects, and has the advantages of small heat capacity, small resistance, large filtration capacity, etc., which is very suitable for the filtration of magnesium melt and magnesium alloy melt.

Magnesium oxide foam ceramic filter can be divided into bonded and sintered: the former bonded foam ceramic can not be used for magnesium liquid filtration; the latter is used in high temperature insulation, so that high-purity magnesium oxide microfine powder sintered and fused together. That requires this product needs magnesium oxide particle size uniformity, low hydration rate, with a certain sintering activity.

Hebei Messi biology Co., Ltd research and development production of magnesium oxide magnesium oxide for foam ceramics, high content, small particle size, batch stability, in the use of the process can effectively filter the product impurities.


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